Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is the most innovative approach to individualized patient care, tailored to each of us and all of us.

Transforming Precision Patient Care with Single-Cell Molecular Profile Produced in 1 Day.

The one-size-fits-all approach to patient care is no longer enough. Our Single-Cell Multinomics System continues to transform the way oncologists, clinicians, and researchers tailor disease prevention and treatment by producing more actionable information with a single-cell molecular profile produced in one day.

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How it Works

  • load-mixture-01-01


    Cell Loading
    Load cells of interest into the microfluidic device

  • devicecartridge-01


    Device loading
    Insert the microfluidic device into the system

  • step3-01


    Cell Separation
    Separate and capture a single cell in each cell trapping structure

  • CellStaining-01


    Cell staining & protein analysis
    Bind antibody that has a conjugated fluorophore with a cell and take a fluorescence microscope image to investigate protein

  • circular-01


    Cell lysis / nucleic acid extraction
    Lyse cells to extract nucleic acids

  • realtimepcr-01


    Real-time PCR
    Execute real-time PCR to investigate nucleic acids

The Kryptos Difference

  • PCR-based Multiomics system

    Appropriate for the simple and intuitive analysis of known biomarkers.

  • Rare Mutation Detection

    Photonic PCR reduces amplification biases and errors by leveraging its ultrafast PCR cycling with precise temperature control.

  • Microfluidic Cell Trapping

    Microfluidic cell trapping is more reliable and efficient to ensure a higher cell capture rate.

  • Efficient Multiomics Analysis

    Fully integrated system saves time and cost while ensuring sample integrity.

  • More Actionable Data

    Facilitates expanded analysis of single cells and the characterization of differences among cells.

  • Optimized Decision-Making

    Produces more actionable information as a single-cell molecular profile is produced in one day.