Company Profile

Kryptos Technologies, Inc is a group of leaders in innovative and transformative life sciences. Our deep scientific expertise and passion for improving the quality of care and human health enable us to deliver the gold standard in proprietary technology and life science systems that benefit society, one cell at a time.

Our Mission

Kryptos Biotechnologies provides clinicians and scientists with innovative life science systems that reveal the complexity of biology to help them make the right decisions on time.

Enabling clinicians to make the best, most efficient treatment decisions while ensuring high-level accuracy with lab systems.

Providing oncologists an unprecedented method to investigate multi-dimensional analytes to obtain comprehensive insights of heterogeneous cancer cells.

Our History




Seed 1 round financing


Move to Hayward
(3rd office)


Exclusive license of core IPs from UC Berkeley


Seed 2 round financing


License-out to LG Chem

The Kryptos Perspective

We believe that a desirable action comes from the right decision. To make the right decision, you need to have accurate and enough information by analyzing data. So, we decided to create an innovation in the very first step of action, the “analysis”, to lead the impactful actions that ultimately change the world for the better.

No more guessing. No more conventional practices. We’re focused on the pursuit of delivering personalized, precise, and educated decisions for today and beyond.

For over three decades advancements in biotechnology and life sciences have had an extraordinary impact on healthcare. While it affects a lot in the quality of our lives, there are vast amounts of opportunities to be improved. It is imperative to enhance our practices in the “analysis” step to get proper information at the right timing in an economic manner to enhance better patient outcomes.

Investor Relations

The latest from Kryptos.

LG Chem licenses in US firm’s diagnostic platform tech

LG Chem said that it has licensed in a molecular diagnostic platform technology from Kryptos Biotechnologies, a U.S. biotechnology and diagnostic firm. Kryptos’ technology, called photothermal heating, uses light to generate and control heat for miniaturization of molecular diagnostic devices.

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Silicon Valley-based molecular diagnostics startup Kryptos raises $2.7m pre-series A

The latest round adds to Kryptos Biotechnologies’ $2.6 million early-stage funding from angel investors and companies including LG Chem and BAPartners.

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