Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Whether caring for a patient or leading the response to a global pandemic, the on-time and accurate diagnosis of infectious disease is critically important.

Proprietary Point-of-Care Technology That Delivers Highly-Accurate Results in Minutes.

On-time diagnosis of any infectious disease can improve the effectiveness of treatments and avoid long-term complications. Our proprietary gold standard technology is designed with point-of-care diagnosis in-mind by delivering highly-accurate sample-to-answer results in under 25-minutes.

New Instrument Design Final

How it Works

  • vial-sample


    Insert patient sample into the vial with transport media.

  • load-cartridge


    Load the liquid sample into the cartridge.

  • cartridge-to-system-01


    Insert the cartridge and run the system to start the test.

The Kryptos Difference

  • Faster Time-to-Results

    Results can be produced in 25-minutes or less, sample-to-result.

  • Gold Standard

    Real-time PCR based test.

  • Highly-Accurate & Reliable

    Tests can be performed in less time yet yield highly-accurate and reliable results.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

    No more revisit; On-time treatment for the better patient outcome.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Fully-integrated system; less than 3 minutes of handling; walk-away system.

  • More Affordable for All

    System design makes the test affordable to patients, providers, and payers alike.